LETTER: Help bring sub-human who dumped dead foal to justice

For an animal lover, this report about a foal dumped with fly-tipped rubbish in Shirebrook was heartbreaking and I broke down in tears reading it. 
But you don’t need to be an animal lover to have strong feelings about this story. 
Whoever did this to a defenceless foal cannot and doesn’t deserve to be classed as a human being.

I hate to imagine what else this sub-human waste of air can be capable of. 
My utmost respect goes to the trustees of HelpForHorses for offering a reward for information leading to a conviction, and my dearest wish is that someone with a flicker of conscience makes the best decision of their lives and helps put the monster(s) who did this in court. I know what I would like to do to him/her, and would happily accept the consequences for my actions. Come on, whoever you are, claim back your right to be part of the human race and report the sick, evil, lowlife who did this.

Irene Day

By email