LETTER: Green belt should be used as a last resort

Isn’t it ironic, I read on page eight of the Chad dated October 14 that plans to build housing on greenbelt farm land (Lindhurst) are to go ahead.

Then turn to page 13 and another councillor has had an idea, why don’t we turn the old brewery site into a farm. If we got the timing right then the lorries loaded with the hardcore removed from the brewery site could take it to Lindhurst and then return to the old brewery loaded with topsoil no longer needed at Lindhurst.

Seriously, we should only build on greenbelt sites when all available brownfield sites have been used up. There is lots of talk about town centre regeneration and in my view the way to achieve this is to build housing near the town centre on sites like the old brewery and old hospital sites.

Dave Stewart

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