LETTER: Generating green energy is key


When I used to travel on the Rainworth bypass, at certain times I noticed the blades on nearly all the generators were stopped, not because of lack of wind but because the energy was not needed.

As I am informed, by the national press, the owners got more money for not producing the energy.

Talk about the former EU butter mountain. What utter nonsense for this policy. I don’t know if this is still the same.

Imagine all that money spent on subsidising windfarms and not using the small amount of energy they produce.

Meanwhile up the M1 I read in the paper that a refuelling station for hydrogen cars has been built, wait for it, powered by the wind.

Has the penny dropped? The brains that run our country couldn’t make it mandatory that all the surplus electricity from windfarms is made to produce hydrogen?

Your name doesn’t have to be Albert to see the logic of


Surely after this week’s news re diesel and VWs anything that promotes clean energy should be encouraged.