LETTER: Forget fracking, focus on green energy

Fracking applications in Mansfield and Ashfield.
Fracking applications in Mansfield and Ashfield.

I was concerned by the article in the Chad about possible fracking in the Mansfield area.

I am sure many of your readers know it is suggested that the extraction of oil and gas by fracking can be a very destructive process.

It is claimed it can lead to pollution of ground water and severe air pollution – water that we rely on to drink and air that we rely on to breathe. 
I’m sure people in the Mansfield area did get used to coal mining and seismic tests. However did you get used to subsidence, air and water pollution and mining accidents?

We are well on our way to developing sophisticated forms of alternative energy supplies.

The hills in Nottinghamshire are covered with wind turbines and more and more people are getting solar panels.

Surely it is better to rely on the new forms of energy which may be an annoyance or an eye sore, but wont pollute the very water and air that we need to live.

Rosie Jarrett

Hyson Green, Nottingham