LETTER: Flower show opportunity is being missed

Parking bays in South Shields.
Parking bays in South Shields.

Allotments for the ‘Labouring Poor’ is in itself anachronistic and a name that should have been consigned to history years ago, surely a forward looking committee would have done so. 
The trustees for this charity are mainly made up of councillors and what would appear to be nobody with any real knowledge of the allotment movement. The empty tables in the flower and vegetable section of the Mansfield Flower and Craft Show are one of the things that bear testament to this. The actual show as far as exhibitors were concerned was one of the best kept secrets, at least in our area, it is of no use advertising the show a few weeks prior to the show plants do not grow that quickly.

The trustees report of 2014 stated that “…a further festival is planned for next September with increased horticultural input” where was it? Where were the show schedules? Where was the forward planning? The planning for next years’ show if one is going to take place after this years’ abysmal display should be starting anytime now but only if you want a successful show.

It is such a shame that a great opportunity is being missed and an expensive one at that. Flower shows are part of Mansfield’s history. The Mansfield Floral and Horticultural Society was established in 1836 when everyone chipped in and remember they were austere times. Prizes were donated by local businesses such as a barrel of beer given by Mr Wildsmith of the Greyhound Inn for the best six roses other prizes donated included a waistcoat, a bottle of champagne, a bowler hat, the list went on. Committees worked tirelessly for little or no reward. Altruism that is a far cry from modern day when some people need paying for everything they do. To have success you need to apply the axiom ‘fail to prepare – prepare to fail.

Rob Foster

Mansfield Woodhouse