LETTER: Fair’s plight is traumatic for family

I was much saddened to read about the plight of the fun fair at Edwinstowe – it is proposed it would be moved as part of plans for a new Sherwood Forest visitor centre.
The first I knew of it was when I read about it in the Chad.
This is a fair that is well established. We used to go with our daughter and that is some 40 years ago.

It is loved by a lot of people and children – a petition of 900 people says so.
Has anyone any idea what trauma this heavy handedness is causing to this family?

To me, it shows a lack of compassion and feeling for others.
That site is an ideal spot near a picnic area and car park.
Some bright spark has got to throw a spanner in the works again to cause some upset.
No doubt, the RSPB is important, why not shove it somewhere else?

Ann Naylor

Station Road, Shirebrook