LETTER: EU stances are not very neutral

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I would like to counter some of the pro-EU statements made by a couple of your columnists in the March 30 issue.

Firstly, Gloria de Piero is not an economist (though that is no guarantee, as we recall from Gordon Brown’s ‘sale of the century’).

So her claim that leaving the EU would cost £100 billion (that’s 11 zeros) needs backing up.

Her source is ‘business experts’ - that clears that up then, Gloria, I thought you were going to be vague for a minute there.

And has she offset the membership costs, I wonder? She seems unaware that it is our own money that provides ‘EU funding’, or what’s left after Brussels have taken their cut.

Then we come to Roy Bainton.

He purports to be undecided, then uses half his column inches attacking ‘out’ campaigner Iain Duncan Smith, and comparing the ‘out’ groups to Monty Python - very neutral

Richard Storer

Wentworth Road, Kirkby