LETTER: Donations from Mansfield folk should go to genuine immigrants

Kate Standing adds sorted bags to the ones ready for transport
Kate Standing adds sorted bags to the ones ready for transport

The English, and Mansfield people in particular, are very generous in giving to people in need, hence the good response to the fundraising efforts of Forrest Williams solicitors. Katie Forrest’s letter of September 23, suggests that her heart is ruling her head - not what one might expect from a legal professional.

In my view she feels that they must dole out aid, even though it is likely that some recipients are not actual refugees.

Figures coming from the EU show that only one in five of the migrants is a Syrian refugee, the rest are from places like Nigeria, Libya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Afghanistan, other Middle Eastern countries and the Balkans. Some ‘Syrians’ carry fake passports bought over the internet.

German police have already arrested one ISIL terrorist infiltrating the chaotic masses of people, and its a safe bet, in my opinion, there will be more.

It is the prime responsibility of those distributing charitable funds to be sure that they go to those whom the donors wished to help.

The bulk of genuine Syrian refugees are scattered around inside Syria, and in the vast refugee camps in bordering countries. Ms Forrest should funnel the funds collected via the various aid agencies on the spot, so that the money goes where it was intended.

R. Dixon

High Oakham Road,