Letter: Dog Attacks

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Police did not take action in my case

My dog was the victim of an attack and eventually had to be put to sleep. The other dog’s owner also threatened to set his dog onto me because I asked him to keep his dog on a lead.

The police did nothing at the time and told me it was a civil matter as the other dog had not actually bitten my dog and my dog had only been bruised.

I took my dog to my vet and he prescribed painkillers and antibiotics.

My dog went to pieces after the attack and started biting people including my wife and I.
One weekend he also bit my one-year-old granddaughter. I took my dog to my vet again and he advised me that my dog was now too dangerous to be kept at home and I had to have him put to sleep.

Having to watch a physically fit dog, who I had owned for eleven years since he was a puppy, be put to sleep was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.

I then complained twice to the Chief Constable’s office before anyone took any interest in my complaint.
In the end they said they would speak to the other dog owner and caution him about his behaviour.

This was six months after the incident.

I am now being harassed by the dog owner’s mother.
I am now having to put my house on the market so I can move away despite only having lived here for just over a year.

Don’t report dog attacks unless you are prepared to fight the police to take some action.

Ex-dog owner

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