LETTER: Do you know about local artist?

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I am involved in writing a biography of Charles Willis (1878 to 1963), a local artist who worked in the Mansfield and Nottingham area.

He was very prolific and worked as an illustrator and portraitist, taking 
commissions from local manufacturers such as Players, Boots and Raleigh. 
He was also an excellent portrait artist and produced miniatures and portraits of well-known local families. 
In the early 20th century, he shared a studio with his brother-in-law Arthur Spooner, another famous local artist. He later moved to London and achieved some fame as a royal portraitist and provided illustrations for such magazines as Tatler and The Strand. 
I am seeking any information on his work and particularly if anyone has any of his paintings, miniatures or drawings in their possession that we may include in the book.

Please email me at ppeterjnorton@aol.com or telephone 01748 825111.

Dr Peter J. Norton

By email