LETTER: Do councillors shop on our market?

Official re-launch of Mansfield Market
Official re-launch of Mansfield Market

Regarding Kate Allsop’s letter (read Kate’s letter here) in relation to the local market.

Many years ago, those on the council were usually people in known local business who were genuinely interested, and maybe other local known people equally keen.

A council is an organisation to represent the locality and serve the public, a public service not a business in any capacity.

Some who have joined the merry crowd may have gained the idea to run it as a business, it doesn’t gel. They need not only to listen but to act accordingly with what should be in the best interests of those using the area or in this case, the town centre.

Parking for ordinary or the disabled is abysmal, a shambolic mess.

Spending £100,000 that’s been stated, looks no better. You can forever throw money at it and still get no results whatsoever, no doubt having money to burn comes to mind.

I doubt from what stall holders say it gives much hope. Don’t blame out-of-town shopping, that’s yet another excuse.

Although I may stand corrected, I haven’t ever witnessed a local councillor shopping on the local market. It is very sad to say the least. In my view numerous ideas have been edited, no notice taken.

If you applied for a position a the local council, you have to reside locally or have attended one of the two local schools.

I wonder how many at the council have local connections?

Fortunately, we have people like Kate, and maybe myself. Sadly, very little notice is taken, I feel.

Along-standing friend of mine often states ‘the non-thinking society’. Oh well.

Mark Wilson

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