LETTER: Disabled people need their parking spaces

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I have a query about the area of West Gate, now the market-stall holders have been moved to the main market area.

Are disabled registered people/vehicles now allowed to park there seven days per week?

There isn’t much parking for the disabled people of Mansfield. I know this is a fact because the disabled community doesn’t have parking facilities seven days a week.

They are limited to Sundays Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Aren’t they allowed into the town centre any other day of the week?
Parking is allowed on Queen Street for very few vehicles, but I am sure we have more disabled people than the few spaces allocated allow for. Mansfield District Council keeps telling us it is aware of and has a caring attitude towards the disabled of this town. If so, why aren’t they allowed to park in disabled bays on a Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays also?
We had occasion to visit the town centre recently and wanted to park in front of the bank, only to come across three vans parked obstructing access to this area.

I know they were cleaning or maintaining the CCTV cameras, but I am sure one of the vans could have parked in a different place.

So this is the caring attitude of certain official offices of the Mansfield authorities?
Also, a few days ago, a rubbish skip was place in the disabled part of the same area in front of the bank.

Yet again, it seems that if somewhere is needed to drop or park anything then please use the disabled bays as the disabled people of Mansfield won’t or don’t need anywhere to park with convenience of being near where they need to be.
Some people just cannot walk far, or far enough to access all areas, and need this availability open to them.

I wonder if these authoritative persons have a disabled member of their family and if so, what do they really think of this situation?
So disabled people of Mansfield, haven’t you noticed that you are still being discriminated against or don’t you want to visit the town centre towards the end of the week to see our diminishing market?

Harry MC Hall

Carer of a disabled woman