LETTER: Did anyone else get a parking ticket?

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On Friday, December 16 2016, I visited St Peter’s Retail Park fully aware of the issues with parking and problems as reported previously in the Chad.

Armed with extreme confidence that I was not going to be one of the “chosen ones” for a parking ticket, I arrived to do some serious Christmas shopping.

I visited shops within the non-charge period and, prior to expiry of the free time, I made two physical attempts to pay at two different machines.

The first one near the Next shop and the second on the left hand side as you enter the carpark.

Neither machine accepted coins or registration number (in either order) preventing me from paying for the extended time. 
I then, against my better judgment, attempted to register online and make a payment. Once again I was unable to make payment. I was provided with a registered pin but was unsuccessful in making payment.

There was no option to speak with anyone with regard to this at the time. I was now outside the free time and I have still not been able to contact anyone after the event — all automated systems.

I therefore refused to pay the fine as I made every effort to provide payment for a ticket. I submitted a copy of my phone with a record of the phonecall to the payment centre, this being made as a last resort after attempting payment to two machines. The time was 7.21pm in the evening (recorded on my phone as I attempted to pay on line).

I checked vehicles local to me but none had tickets so either they were in the free time or like me they could not obtain a ticket.

Can anyone tell me if they had any problems with the ticket machines on the same day please? Or perhaps at anytime? I can be contacted by email at: faith.caine@drive-cote.co.uk

Faith Caine

By email