LETTER: Criticised GP surgery offers excellent care

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Under the headline ‘Concern over GP surgeries’ in the Chad recently it was reported that Dr Pearce and Partners of Churchside Medical Practice received a category two bad report from the CQC.

This was due, according to the report, for concerns raised around the treatment of patients with diabetes and certain mental illnesses.

The treatment received at Dr Pearce and Partners has been nothing short of superb in my experience both as a sufferer of diabetes and in general health matters.

I have received timely regular check-ups, blood and urine samples taken and equally timely reports back if required for additional checks.

The nurse practitioner at Churchside is full of information and is happy to assist in any queries that arise from the condition.

It must also be said that getting appointments with a doctor presents very few problems.

When I have required an urgent appointment, then it is forthcoming more often than not, on the same day.

If you require a doctor to call back, again, no problem.

If you wish to see a particular doctor, yes, you may have to wait a few days or so, but if you are ill, you can be seen very promptly indeed by a doctor.

What a shame that an excellent practice has received this poor report when in my experience Churchside Medical Practice has been excellent.

Andrew Sear,


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