LETTER: Councillor should respect Ashland Road outcome

Residents are opposing a housing development off land behind Ashland Road in Sutton.
Residents are opposing a housing development off land behind Ashland Road in Sutton.

I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s Chad sent in by Councillor Don Davis (read the letter here) about the recent decision by the planning committee at Ashfield District Council to reject the Ashland Road West planning application for 200 houses, a quarter of which are three-storey and five bedrooms, not the usual social housing as he describes.

First of all, I would like to remind Coun Davis that the planning committee is quasi- judicial, which means the decisions taken are based purely on the evidence produced, without political interference.

The democratic process was followed and the application was rejected by one vote. 
Coun Davis goes on to say the residents and the authority have lost out.

It may be worth mentioning to Coun Davis that two of his own Labour group voted against this application and our own local district councillor, Coun Lee Anderson has publicly stated on many occasions that this application should not go ahead.

Coun Davis must have a very short or convenient memory. Is this the same councillor that only three years ago was part of a planning committee that considered an application to build 800 houses at the Rolls-Royce site in Hucknall which was passed at committee by only one vote? 
The building of these 800 houses was also to fund the building of a new business park in Hucknall which will create up to 2,000 jobs.

Both Coun Davis and the current council leader, Councillor Cheryl Butler, voted against this application which would have had a far greater financial cost to the authority and to the people of Ashfield.

The Ashland Road and Brierley Park residents’ committee has met regularly over the past two years and our own local counncillor, Coun Lee Anderson, and other councillors and county councillors such as Coun Tom Hollis have been in attendance on many occasions. 
At no time has Coun Davis or the current council leader attended any of these meetings to discuss the issues pointed out in Coun Davis’ letter.

The fight to save the area goes on and Coun Davis should respect the democratic vote and remember how many people turned up at the council offices and how many written objections were presented

Malc Hull

Ashland Road West & 
Brierley Park Residents’ 
Action Group chairman

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