LETTER: Councillor is out of touch with society

I had to write in response to Councillor Stephen Garner’s letter regarding the council social media ban in the Wednesday September 30 issue of the Chad.

I was present at that particular council meeting and as a first time attendee I found it absolutely outrageous, and quite embarrassing, at how the council’s time and money was, in my view, being wasted. 
I believe Councillor Garner, as well as the rest of the Mansfield Independent/UKIP councillors, is completely out of touch with modern culture and absolutely fails to see what an excellent opportunity social media is to engage with their residents in today’s technological age.

Councillor Garner stated that “tweeting in council decreases your moral standing with those who voted”.

Well, I’m afraid he’s gravely wrong. I, and many others I’ve spoken to, want to see the councillors using social media in a positive way and for us to see what’s happening in council meetings. 
Perhaps the Mansfield Independent Forum/UKIP wish to hide their motions from the rest of us and that’s why they’re so set against it.

With thousands on housing waiting lists and child poverty figures rising, this is not something that should be a priority and certainly should not even reach council meetings. 
I do not believe for one moment that the coalition genuinely has the best interests of the Mansfield community at heart and this is just another perfect example to prove as such.

Ms R. Brown