LETTER: Councillor is on call to deal with problem drinkers

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I am writing with regards to an on-going issue on Tuckers Lane, Devon Drive, Ladybrook Lane and the surrounding area.

Drinkers are causing problems with anti-social behaviour, urinating in full view of anyone including children, and depositing litter on our streets and walkways. 
Their behaviour and presence is intimidating to many, especially women and children.
The police, led by Inspector Nick Butler, have had meetings with the associated organisations and councillors, including Councillor Ian Sheppard, Mansfield District Council member for Broomhill.
A plan was approved for patrols in the area which in the first couple of weeks seemed to help, but slowly the drinkers are returning.

The police patrol is now minimal, to say the least, but I have been informed he police will up their presence and come and move the drinkers if we call them. 
The only person who seems to be helping tackle the problem is Coun Sheppard, who will come as soon as he can and take a photo and move them on with a stern warning “not to return”.
He is on call 24/7 and will come as soon as possible, depending on where he is.

He signed our petition and presented it on behalf of the residents in the area to police and councillors which helped get the patrol started.

He has continued to support us, even giving me his mobile number to call him out anytime.

He liaises with police and the council and rings to update me with any progress. 
I feel that without his support we wouldn’t have achieved this much.

So please Coun Sheppard, keep up the fantastic job you are doing for us, your local ward.

A big thank you for all your support, it’s greatly appreciated.

Mrs PA Gibson

Tuckers Lane,