LETTER: Councillor has violated my vote

Ensure you have a vote
Ensure you have a vote

When is councillor Nick Bennett going to explain fully to the people of the Kingsway Ward why he has joined the Mansfield Independent Forum Party when elected as a Labour Party candidate?

If the good people of the Kingsway Ward wanted a Mansfield Independent Forum councillor they would have voted for Adrian Nita.

I feel you have violated my democratic right as a Labour Party voter of the Kingsway Ward and all the 522 people who voted for the Labour Party.

In my view at the moment you are only representing yourself and not the people of Forest Town, so councillor Bennett stop this injustice now and resign with immediate effect from your position, so a by election can be called.

Then the people of the Kingsway Ward can choose what party candidate they want to represent them on the Mansfield District Council?

Mr A. Carrington

Ellesmere Road, Forest Town