LETTER: Council staff should be aware of recycling rules too

Bin collections
Bin collections

After reading the article headlined ‘Council Asks For Care When Recycling Items’ in the Chad of February 3. I must say a few words on the issue.

Councilor Andrew Tristram (portfolio holder for the environment ) at Mansfield District Council says that a minority of residents in Mansfield are placing the wrong items in their blue bins, causing the bin wagon to become contaminated thus being sent to landfill and the council facing financial penalties which could result in residents’ council tax being raised.

I have a question for councilor Tristram.

Instead of threatening residents with higher council tax bills why don’t you question SOME of your employees who empty this blue bins why they are ignoring your rules themselves for example?

On the street I live on there are some blue bins full of items of which shouldn’t be in there yet when the bin men turn up, they can see that the bins are contaminated because the dustbin lids are wide open, yet the workers still empty the bins into the wagon, WHY?,

I have emailed councilor Tristram on several occasions to inform him of this issue.

So I say please councilor, educate some of your workforce first on the rules before you start threatening residents.

If workers find some bins contaminated try letting residents know by placing a sticker on top of the bin as you should do.

Gary Musgrove,