LETTER: Council policies are NOT out of date

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I note with interest the article written by Nick Frame in the Chad (January 27) which launched an attack on the housing policies of Mansfield District Council.

The housing policies are certainly NOT out of date.

I have seen the proposals for housing and industrial development sites around Mansfield and was impressed that the proposals are for housing to be developed on many of the brownfield site in the area, covering enough land for 
future requirements to 
2033. Sensibly Mansfield District Council realises that there is a need to preserve what little green space we have left in the area.

The land that Carl Chadwick and John Plant wish to get planning permission for is a steep, sloping site, leading down to Bleak Hills where there are fishing ponds, a bird sanctuary and the Oakham Nature Reserve.

The proposed access for this site would be on the brow of a steep hill on the apex of a bend, where the increase of traffic would make a perilous journey for the many school children walking, or being driven, to and from High Oakham School.

I hope Mansfield District Council stick to their guns and refuse this planning application.

Lorna Pye

Treasurer, Maun 
Conservation Group