LETTER: Contact councillors with school parking problems

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I reply to a letter regarding school parking in the Chad of June 8 (read letter here).

Frustrated Resident, you may not be aware that I am the county councillor for Mansfield South and take pride in serving my electorate.
I am seen weekly around my primary schools and residents can testify for my involvement around these locations, King Edward, Asquith, Berry

Hill, High Oakham, Sutton Road, Abbey and Mansfield Primary.

Wynndale Primary is in East Mansfield which is not in my remit.

You have councillors for your constituency and they represent you, after all you vote in your elected members to office.

With regard to the issues of parking problems around schools the fact is not many walk their children to school anymore. Many pupils may not live locally.

Parents drop their children off then carry onto work and so on, culminating in 20 minutes of mayhem around entry and exit times on surrounding urban streets.

I have no problem if you wish to meet me on location to view your concerns. However I am sure if you contact your councillors they may be able to assist you in some way.

Councillor Stephen Garner

Mansfield South