LETTER: Come and see our blooming lovely garden


We have been admiring the beautiful daffodils along Derby Road and around Kirkby, including the purple crocus cross against Shoulder of Mutton Hill.

Kirkby must be the prettiest town in England!

But do come and take a look at our little front garden at 41, Belmont Road. It’s been in flower since January, with different blooms coming out all the while. 
We’ve never had so many daffodils and flowers before. Our friends say it is the prettiest garden on the street. Not bad, considering we are both disabled and in our 70s! 
Obviously, we can’t do as much as we used to, but the beauty of bulbs is that they don’t take much looking after, they just come up year after year! We have a fine show on our back garden as well.

Mr and Mrs Cumberland

Belmont Road, Kirkby.