LETTER: Charity group on cloud nine

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I am writing on behalf of myself and the Amazons Breast Cancer Support Group to say how honoured, proud and privileged we were to receive the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust (SFHT) Staff Excellence Award in the volunteer section.

Our thanks go to our nominators, the people who voted for us and all concerned with the award event. It was a memorable and enjoyable evening, not without some nail biting suspense because of the high standards set.

Realising we had won the award we were euphoric, in fact we are still on cloud nine.

As the chairman I would like to thank the Amazons committee, a small group of people, for their support, dedication and hard work.

My thanks also to all the people in our community who have supported and donated to our charity. It has only been with their help and generosity that we have succeeded in winning this award.

For more than 20 years it has been the aim of the Amazons charity to support local patients and carers and to work with SFHT to provide equipment, support and staff training to enhance patient care at King’s Mill Hospital.

Gaining this award will spur us on for years to come.

Thank you.

Beryl Perrin

Chairman, Amazons