LETTER: Chaos averted when junction lights failed

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On Monday, November 27, at 8.30am, I experienced a rare occurrence.

I drove all the way past Forest Road, and down Nottingham Road in Mansfield, without a hint of a hold-up and passed the retail park where Sainsbury’s is with no mind-numbing delays or bumper-to-bumper crawl.

Had the world forgotten to wake up perhaps?

How did it seem I was the only car on the road?

Had some new star appeared overnight?

No, the traffic lights were not working and the good sensible British motorist managed to negotiate the junction without mishap.

On my return up Nottingham Road to said junction, again no hint of a problem, no retail park shoppers blocking the middle lane. Yes the lights were still out of action. 
That is until some good engineer put a fuse in and chaos returned.

How about a good old fashioned roundabout there? Discuss.

John Irons

Nottingham Road,