LETTER: ‘Chancer’ refugees should be neglected

Parking bays in South Shields.
Parking bays in South Shields.

I would urge Sally Lemsford (last week’s Chad Letters ‘We cannot turn our backs on crisis’), who wants us to allow unlimited immigration of Syrian “asylum seekers” to consider the following.

Britain is a small country, which already has enough population.

There are no large areas of land available for development.

We are already struggling with the enormous numbers of immigrants from the EU, putting great strain on our education, housing and medical services. Out of a population of 62.7 million we have 1.8m unemployed, and 9m between the ages of 16 and 64 ‘inactive’ i.e. on benefits.

Our country’s apparent ‘wealth’ is based on a national debt of £1.4 trillion.

Looking at the films of the migrants, while there are a few families with small children, the majority are fit healthy young males, and I believe they are clearly economic migrants, taking advantage of the situation to try and move to a better country than their own.

They imagine European countries are lands of milk and honey, and that they will be able to live in a nice house, with a good well-paid job. They would be very unhappy to find that the “nice homes” are semi-derelict buildings or camps, with no prospect of better, handouts for food, and that there are no jobs available for them – there would soon be riots.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s suggestion that we take a very small number of the most deserving, e.g children and orphans, selected from the refugee camps adjacent to Syria, is a measured and sensible one. The army of chancers forcing their way across Europe should be firmly rejected.

One can understand the desire of people to seek a better life, but it should not be granted at the expense of our own population, children, pensioners, and workers, and the destruction of our own culture.

Reg Dixon

High Oakham Road,