LETTER: Brexit view is out of bounds

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Your contributor Mr Stone is, in my view, in a different universe when it comes to Brexit.

Read Mr Stone’s letter here.

He used the “refusing to pay golf club fees” as an analogy for our leaving the E U. Well here is a different view .

I join a golf club and pay my fees . I know the club will take care of the course for me. It will organise competitions and friendlies for its members .You obtain a handicap meaning you can compete on an equal footing with better players. You share a feeling of camaraderie, enjoying each other’s company. You can choose to join the committee, making suggestions to improve things for the benefit of all members. Members also benefit from preferential offers on equipment from the pro shop and share things among ourselves . At Christmas, the members meet socially and enjoy sharing our memories of the great days we had. 
Our season fee enables us to play regularly at an economical green fee. 
When we play in competitions we play off the big boy competition tees using the full course . 
Casuals play off nearer ones as befits their skills.

Non-members have to play when the club has no booked engagements and they pay more for the privilege . 
They may seek another club and find the same conditions apply and always agreeing to give way to members who may be in club competitions. In the end they settle for an occasional round of par-three, no longer able to play to a good standard.

Lonely and discarded they go to their old mates of the glorious days long ago and find that they have moved on and joined clubs of their own. Yes, we can join their club, but only if we accept lots of their people coming to live with us.

Of course we can add a little backhander to be their friend again. 
I think they call it our aid budget.

I think Mr Stone is in for a disappointing time.

John C.Armstrong

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