LETTER: Brexit ‘remoaners’ should just accept decision

Sir Tim Barrow has been named as the new EU ambassador
Sir Tim Barrow has been named as the new EU ambassador

This past few weeks we seem to have had many submissions regarding Brexit. 
Some of them from professional bloggers and mainly from the “remoaners”. On June 23, we were asked a simple binary question — should we stay in the European Union, Yes/No.

Despite all the odds and the great and good batting firmly for Remain, the ‘leavers’ won.

Now we have the remoaners talking of Brexit Lite, which actually means changing nothing except having no MEPs or commissioners.

We would still have to accept freedom of movement, the ECJ would be supreme and we would still be paying billions of pounds into EU coffers.

Just to remind the remoaners what we voted for by opting to leave the EU was.....

1. Control of our borders;

2. Westminster to be sovereign;

3. Cancellation of the £8.5 billion net to EU coffers;

4. The ability to make trade deals with anyone in the world.

Just for information, there are about 140 countries which don’t belong to the EU and they seem to rub along nicely.

South Korea has a free trade agreement with the EU and they don’t have to pay a subscription or accept free movement. Remoaners just get a life and stop running our beautiful country down.

Ian Wragg

Woodlands Way,