LETTER: Big thanks to passer by

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I was riding my bike to work recently.

Unfortunately I came off my bike going through Titchfield Park at about 6.20am and a wonderful lady called Zoe Jackson came to my rescue.
She made sure I was comfortable as I had broken my wrist, scraped my left knee and kept passing out.

She phoned the ambulance, my husband and my boss to explain the situation and waited with me while we waited for the ambulance which, after half an hour, did not turn up, even though she kept phoning. They were busy.

Luckily, my boss in the meantime had arrived.

Zoe then took my bike to her house to be picked up later. My boss ended up taking me to the hospital, as she tried to call the ambulance and was in a queue.

Not only had Zoe helped me, she had also the previous weekend helped another member of the public again in Titchfield Park getting an ambulance out.

I really don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t been there.

At the time there wasn’t any one else around, so a big thank you to Zoe.

Heather Bond

By email