LETTER: Being part of the EU is a burden

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The letter from Dave Johnson shows the ‘Remainers’ persist in their mistaken views. 
Do they want continued mass immigration from Europe? This was the issue that led the majority to vote to leave the European Union.

The influx of three million people from Eastern Europe was the last straw, after the largely uncontrolled immigration from the Indian subcontinent etc that occurred since 1960. 
I accept that many immigrants have made a worthwhile contribution to this country, but the scale of immigration has changed the nation out of all recognition.

The lack of control over people entering Britain from the EU has enabled 400 foreign killers to settle in this country. 
The Common Fisheries policy enabled French, Spanish and Belgian trawlers to overfish our waters so that many species of fish are now in short supply.

The Common Agricultural Policy has meant a drain of cash from us to support French farmers.

Most of our roads are patchwork quilts of potholes, but I have seen excellent roads in Spain, Portugal and Ireland, all paid for by the EU of which we are the second largest contributor.

Free of these burdens the UK or an independent England will thrive.

David Dabell

Allwood Close,