LETTER: Ban bikers who flout the pavement rules

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As everyone knows, several of the roads have had those stupid road humps installed to try and stop motorists from speeding or injuring anyone.

However, on Sunday May 22, I was walking up Ladybrook Lane near to Ladybrook Hotel, where I witnessed a number of motor scooters and cycle-users drive directly into the road after leaving a narrow footpath and then going around the pedestrian area where the shops are situated.

Most likely if they had been hit by a car, it would have been the motorist to blame. One of the motorists had to almost pull up because one of the cyclists was in the centre of one side of the road. It was very frightening to see.

The cyclists and scooter users then went onto the pavement.

If a pedestrian had been there and had tried defending themselves, who would be in the right?

On one occasion, a cyclist rode alongside me in an extremely narrow area and I defended myself with a shopping bag. Was I in the wrong? I know if it happened again, I would do the same thing.

Every cyclist and motorcyclist who uses pedestrian areas ought to pay the price of being banned for good and face any other consequences like a safe motorist would be.

Kate Allsop

Beck Crescent, Mansfield

(editor’s note — this is not the Mayor of Mansfield, who is also named Kate Allsop)