LETTER: Balance needed when it comes to immigration

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We are committed to change, the voting public has spoken regarding Brexit. 
Immigration was a major influence on the way hard working people of all nationalities cast their vote. 
Also human rights, strain on public services and housing demands made a significant contribution to the outcome of what must be the most important decision made in our lifetime. 
When on a recent visit to Sheffield, I was appalled to hear of a refugee who had been in the country for more than six years and had never even applied for a job of work. 
To add salt to the wound his family had joined him assisted by “the church”. 
Where are the politicians who should be dealing with this benefit abuse? 
I have compassion for people facing death, destruction and hard times. 
I also have empathy with OAPs who have made a lifetime contribution to this country and cannot afford to turn up the heating on a cold night.

I also feel for disabled Armed Forces veterans who have to rely on charitable donations to survive.
We desperately need a balance that satisfies all equations. Present politicians will not provide that balance.

This country is generous with overseas aid which really is money paid at the expense of poor people from a rich country to rich people in poor counties. 
If anyone has the answer to this situation they should be in government. 
What this country needs is more unemployed politicians, some present ones excepted.

Alan Armstrong

Boundary Close, Staveley