LETTER: Ashfield District Council won’t empty bin until end of April

Garden waste wheelie bin
Garden waste wheelie bin

I have phoned Ashfield District Council enquiring if there was a date for the emptying of my garden waste bin.

The reply was April 25. That is right, April 25.

In a previous letter, I had mentioned my garden bin has been full since mid-January. 
This is the time of year when gardens are growing fast and garden waste is piling up. 
I was told I could take the excess waste in my car to the tip. I have a garden bin to keep my car clean.

I was also told I could put garden waste into the household waste bin.

Why are we told to recycle responsibly?

Garden waste bins are nothing to do with the proposed new smaller black bin so they should be emptied sooner.

Just for interest if you don’t want the old black bin tell the council. Phone 01623 450000 and press number three.

They say they will collect the old bin. When? I have no idea.

If anyone has a large family and still needs the larger bin they should also phone the council.

As I have said previously Ashfield District Council, in my view, is not fit for purpose.

Gordon Barkes

Ethelbert Avenue, Kirkby.