LETTER: An officer and a gentleman

1964 Mansfield ACF Inspection
1964 Mansfield ACF Inspection

In the Chad (February 28), you showed a photo from 1964 with a stooping Army officer speaking to a small boy.

I do not know who the small boy was but the officer was Colonel J N Vallance OBE, TD. Mr Vallance was a Mansfield solicitor and partner in the firm of Harrop, White, Vallance & Dawson, which still bears his name.

After serving as an Army officer during the Second World War, he became an officer in the Territorial Army. Mr Vallance held many offices during his career but apart from being a solicitor, he was, for a time, deputy lieutenant for the county and deputy chairman of the poultry and egg company, J B Eastwood.

CG Dawson

Alexandra Avenue, Mansfield

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