LETTER: Allegations made against Vision Studio School are unfounded

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I must take issue with the letter in the last week’s Chad, which claimed that a year ten student at Vision Studio School had been referred to the government’s de-radicalisation programme ‘Prevent’ for supporting UKIP.

The school completely refutes the claims made within this letter and the article to which it refers.

It is a shame that nobody from UKIP contacted the school prior to sending a letter to the media. Had they done so, they would have been told that the allegations were unfounded.

At no point has a referral been made to Prevent, the police or anybody else about a student supporting a political party.

To the contrary, the school actively encourages its students to engage in democracy and applauds any young person that takes such an interest in British politics.

To send something like this to the media and have it published without first knowing the facts is very disappointing.

Jean Pickerill

Interim principal,

Vision Studio School