LETTER: Actions speak louder than words for needy

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I am a regular listener to a local radio station which recently spoke of the unhealthy conditions many people are living in with rented accommodation and some who have no home at all.

In Mansfield, where I live, I have two friends who both rent council homes. They have both been concerned about damp in their homes.
One is an elderly lady who has difficulty in walking. The council inspected her bungalow and told her that it was only condensation and at first refused to do anything about it. But, thankfully, something eventually got done after a struggle. 
The other friend, who is living in the same way, has a wife who is asthmatic. If their health is affected who will be the ones to blame?
All those who pay an outrageous amount of rent ought to have matters like the ones I mentioned done immediately.
Many people still criticise the rough sleepers and say they are not genuine. However, I had an ex-workmate who is disabled and she had to leave her home. She ended up in a home which was organised by Mary White who wrote the book ‘Mansfield Born and Bred’, which I highly recommend to read.
She told me that three homes that she had were all closed because of Government cuts in 2002, even though Mansfield was the highest rated town throughout the entire country in providing places for the needy.
Many from Mansfield, and another from Arnold both slept rough to try and raise £500 for the cause. However, I spoke to Mary on April 24, and she told me that they had raised £927.
We are constantly being told by the Government that they are looking into problems like those I’ve mentioned, but actions speak louder than words, everybody knows that.

Kate Allsop

Beck Crescent, Mansfield
(NB, this is NOT the Mansfield Mayor but a resident of the same name)