LETTER: Actions, not words, needed over local bus services

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The recent comments by MP Gloria De Piero with regards to our bus service is something that I agree wholeheartedly on. Many people rely on our bus services and it’s quite clear that they are currently not fit for purpose.

I now cannot visit my family in Stanton Hill in the evenings or on a Sunday. This means that unless we get an expensive taxi - we’re stuck. I was pleased that our MP has joined the fight.

I recently attended a county council Meeting at Kelham Hall. Imagine my surprise when Ms De Piero’s own Labour colleagues voted against restoring many of our much needed bus services.The lack of services mean that my nine-year-old daughter and I are increasingly isolated here in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

There was a motion up for a vote at the meeting. If councillors voted for it, then the council’s underspend would have been used to restore the services.

This would mean that services would be restored after 6pm Monday to Saturday and on a Sunday.

I am surprised that our Labour MP says one week - she will fight to retain services but can’t persuade her own colleagues to back the local campaign and vote to retain basic bus services the next.

Sometimes politicians say the things they think people want to hear.
It’s actions not words that count - and in this case Labour has let us down again!

Samantha Deakin,

Chatsworth Street,Sutton-in-Ashfield.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? How good IS public transport in the area? Can you get around OK by bus?

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