LETTER: Abuse by few has spoilt it for rest

Do you know what you can and can't recycle?
Do you know what you can and can't recycle?

We are forever being urged to increase household recycling, even in Mansfield, which has one of the most prescribed lists of what can be put in household recycling bins that I have found.

I find now that the ability to recycle glass in the town has been severely curtailed by the removal of the bins at the Tesco’s Chesterfield Road site.

I was informed that the facility had been abused by a few, but to remove it now punishes a lot of people who used this site (as could be judged by the speed with which the bins were filled).

How does anyone who does not have transport or is 
perhaps not so young and who live in the town centre area, supposed to recycle glass or are they expected to just put it in the general waste?

Seth Clay

Noel Street, Mansfield