LETTER: A611 junction is terrifying for pedestrians

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One of the worst aspects of the traffic situation on the A611 is the illegal blocking of the box junction at the Derby Road/Forest Road junction (Badger Box) at Annesley.

Twice as a pedestrian I have been subject to the following terrifying experience during the evening rush hour. I get to the pedestrian crossing on the Badger Box side to cross Derby Road, and press the button. Congestion halts the traffic from Nottingham, with two lanes containing at least six cars illegally blocking the box junction. The lights turn red for the traffic, and green for the pedestrians.

As the pedestrians start to cross, traffic beyond the junction clears towards Mansfield. The drivers sitting illegally in the box junction try to start moving through the pedestrians crossing legally.

This is not acceptable. Are the authorities not aware that in this age of extreme selfishness among an increasing percentage of the population, if a law is needed than its enforcement is needed also.

Further examples without thinking include dog mess in public places, use of mobile phones whilst driving, abuse of disabled/mother and child parking spaces, and speeding.

Camera enforcement of the box at this junction is an absolute necessity.

Pauline Nurse

Derby Road,

Kirkby in Ashfield