LETTER: A message to the Chad thief...

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The Chad is a very popular newspaper, so popular in fact that thieves steal it from local libraries.

Mansfield Library has now devised a system whereby it is kept behind the reception desk and you are obliged to hand over your library card in order to peruse it.

The management at Sutton Library, however, are more trusting, and you can just pick it up from the reception desk, on the understanding that when you have read it, and possibly ripped out articles which interest you, you take it back to the desk.

When I have been unable to purchase a Chad, usually when I have been on holiday, I will go to Sutton Library to check the court reports and obituaries to see if my name is mentioned. Up to yet I have not featured in either of these categories.

I was disappointed to find that the edition for Wednesday, May 25 had gone missing by Saturday, May 28, presumably stolen, therefore depriving other library-users of the pleasure of reading it.

To conclude, can I say to the thief, for that is what you are, if you feel the need to steal the Chad from Sutton Library, in future can you wait until the following Tuesday to commit your crime so that more people will have had the opportunity to read it?

Mick Holmes

Sutton-in-Ashfield (address supplied).