HAVE YOUR SAY: Devolution and Mansfield’s Local Plan have been on the agenda for readers writing in this week. Have a read and join the debate.

A mixture of topics have got readers writing in this week. Devolution, planning and an old photograph featured in the Chad all got people talking. Here’s a round up of this week’s letters...

Leon Duveen, Chairman of Nottinghamshire Liberal Democrats and Tony Roger, Chairman of Derbyshire Liberal Democrats, joined forces to have their say on devolution. Read their letter here.

Martin Rutter thanked Roy Bainton for his recent column about the BBC. Read Mr Rutter’s letter here. Read Mr Bainton’s column here.

Mansfield District Council responded to reader David Dabell’s claims that a planning notice went up too late. Read Mr Dabell’s letter here. Read what Martyn Saxton, head of planning and regulatory services at Mansfield District Council, had to say in response here.

MEP Glenis Willmott, used World Cancer Day to rally governments around the globe to invest and reduce preventable deaths.

Read her letter here.

And finally, Peter Waby took a trip doen memory lane after seeing an old photograph in the Chad. Read his letter here.

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