Forget MP’s views on a better future, we should focus on core values in society

Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood.
Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood.

I received a leaflet from Mark Spencer MP entitled ‘My plan to secure a better future for Sherwood’.

There were five items listed which were: deliver improvements to the A614; extend the Robin Hood Line; improve the local infrastructure; raise school standards and support the high street.

This is all very well, but it does not say how?

I sent Mr Spencer a message on item number four, which is raising school standards. Not that long ago, the Conservatives were contemplating instilling British values onto the school’s curriculum. This was seemingly cast aside when Theresa May took over control of the Conservative Government. The values, as David Cameron wrote in the Mail on Sunday published on the 799th anniversary of the Magna Carta, should be upheld for this nation’s future. I believe these values give the future generations a sound base for what is the right and wrong way to conduct themselves in society.

Here are a few:

The rule of law, no-one or Government is above the law.

Sovereignty of Parliament should take precedence when vital issues affect our nation.

Personal freedom: there should be a presumption against state coercion.

Institutions: British freedom and character are inherent in British institutions, they spring from the way individuals regulate each other without recourse to coercion.

The family: a civil society depends on values being passed from generation to generation.

Children should inherit a political culture, a set of specific legal rights and obligations also acknowledge national achievements.

British character: as a people we are stubborn, stoical, indignant at injustice.

I have had no reply to my message to Mr Spencer.

David Peach

South Avenue, Rainworth

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