Dismayed by youth apathy


Reading the Chad recently, I noticed that Rainworth Welfare F.C. were interested in setting up a new academy, at which there would be an opportunity to both have a 5 day a week, education and playing stint, for two years.

Added to which one of the coaches would be Adam Murray along with other well qualified personnel. Seeing this as a great opportunity, I contacted Rainworth and enrolled my son.

Turning up at the first training this week, I imagined there would be quite a throng there seeking what limited opportunity there was. Wrong!

Just eight lads turned up from the local area, and one of them was from St. Anns in Nottingham.

Talking to the staff present, they told me that many more had confirmed that they would turn up via email but had let them down.

I dismay at the apathy and lack of motivation of the local youth, who here, had a chance to go on perhaps to something better, and couldn’t even be bothered to turn up.

They moan loudly enough that there is no opportunity locally, yet when it is given to them on a plate, it is too much trouble to take time to attend.

I just hope that the club will carry on with the idea, and not lose heart ,for sake of the lads that did turn up.

Alan Baugh

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