Democracy must come first in debate over ‘super council’

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I read with interest your piece on the scheme to abolish district and borough councils in Nottinghamshire moving a significant step forward.

It now appears proposals will be drawn up on whether to create a new ‘super council’ for the county, meaning the dissolution of district, borough and the county council, to be replaced by one new authority.

If the plans were to go ahead, it would mean many urban areas around Nottingham would come under this new authority.

Many councillors opposed the plans and although I can see savings may be made which would benefit householders, I do have concerns over local democracy.

The people of Nottinghamshire deserve local candidates, who know about concerns on the doorsteps. Will this be the case under a new ‘super council’?

Will democracy be hit? Council taxpayers quite rightly want their representatives to be accountable.

I await the views of those in favour of these plans and ask how they can reassure people democracy will come first under this new proposal.

Margot Parker

MEP for Nottinghamshire

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