Crime rates are going up and policing is being run like a business

Police on patrol
Police on patrol

So, crime is going up according to the latest figures.

Well the general public already knew that. The police say that the reason is that they are short of manpower. In my view that’s not true. I believe the reason that crime is going up is because the population is going up. When you allow millions of people to settle here from all over the world, crime is forced to go up, nothing to do with not having enough police officers.

People who are going to break the law are going to, even if there was a police officer on every corner, nothing to do with manpower.

In my view what is happening is that the police forces are that tied up catching motorists who have got money, and these are not recorded as crimes.

The police have got their priorities wrong. I feel forces are being run like businesses.

If you get caught breaking the law, i.e. motorists, you will get the full force of the law, but if you break it for any other reason, you seem to get your wrist slapped.

Alan Warner

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