Chaotic Parliament is like a playground, give the final Brexit decision back to the people

Brexit is a source of anger
Brexit is a source of anger

I am writing today about the chaos we are yet again witnessing in our Parliament.

It is meant to be the mother of all parliaments but this recently, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a children’s playground.

With Labour MPs defecting and the Conservatives riddled with blue-on-blue in-fighting, it is hard to see how our politicians can solve this Brexit mess and get our country back on track.

But there is a way forward that can put all this infighting to rest and focus on the real issues facing our country.Politicians have to give the decision back to the people about what to do next on Brexit. By giving us the final say can we break the deadlock and let our politics get back to doing what it is supposed to.

That’s why we are calling on all MPs to support an extension to article 50 to allow for a vote on the deal. Only then can we begin put this mess to bed and hopefully get back to the grown up politics this great country deserves.

David Hughes

Best for Britain regional spokesman

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