5th Mansfield Boys’ Brigade 1950

5th Mansfield Boys Brigade
5th Mansfield Boys Brigade

IVAN Kingswood, of Lincoln, has sent in this photo of 5th Mansfield Boys Brigade, taken on Pleasley Meadows in 1950.

He writes: “We had all sorts of activities including gymnastics, boxing, table tennis and, best of all, a fortnightly summer camp every year. We camped at Rhos-on Sea, Blackpool and Great Yarmouth.

“We had a drum and bugle band often parading from Shaftesbury Avenue, on the Bull Farm estate, through the estate, on to Chesterfield Road up past the Ritz cinema, over Radmanthwaite, down Pleasley Hill, past the school and finally, up to St Barnabus Church on Bagshaw Street. This was our brigade headquarters.

“Here a service was held. I suspect that our company flag resides in that church. We had a wonderful time and performed our gymnastics at many garden parties in the area. Our skipper was Henry Barlow who was the manager of the Wakefield Building Society sited on Woodhouse Road opposite the Grand Theatre.

“We had such memorable days throughout the years and were never bored.

“I am the little lad kneeling on the left of the front row and would love to hear from any members shown on the photograph or other members and would love to see any photographs of our drum and bugle band that readers might have.”

Ivan can be contacted on 01522 722810.