YOUR SAY: Stags fans have their say on Mansfield Town defeat

Mansfield Town'sDaniel Alfei pushes forward  - Pic Chris Holloway
Mansfield Town'sDaniel Alfei pushes forward - Pic Chris Holloway

Mansfield Town fans have been reacting to the club’s 1-0 defeat at Bristol Rovers yesterday, which dented their play-off hopes.

Stags have failed to score in the last four of their last five games and have now slipped to 11th in the League Two table.

StagSam laid the blame on Adam Murray for his tactics in the defeat at Bristol

He said: “If you set up for a mid-field game and just pump the odd ball forward to a lone striker (hoping for a miracle) you get what you deserve.

“It’s a waste of time talking about how much other clubs spend on players, or our present striker situation, It’s inexperienced management that as dumped us in the place we find ourselves.

“Earlier in the season we had four fit, sharp and competent looking strikers, and still played one up front!! How many shots did we have on goal yesterday? was it 1 or 2?

“I had a report from a Bristol friend who just could not understand our tactics!! until near the end when we through caution to the wind. He who dares wins? “By the way, anyone know why Murray is still with us?? Oh yes, the money thing, but a word (or preferably a flea) in the ear from the chairman would cost nothing.”

Stagman 1966 believes Mansfield are in the correct position for the quality of swuad and said they must look to progress further next season.

“Our current position is probably about right, if you look at the squad of players,” he said. “Have we got anyone good enough to get into a top three auto promotion side? Only Benning imo. Then, any players good enough to get into a side likely to end up in the play-offs?

“Well, again, purely imo, Green, Taff, Pearce, and given a chance to flourish properly, Jack Thomas.

“The rest of the squad are average League 2 players, some of which are playing slightly above their natural level.

“A mid table finish, will be an improvement on last season, the big question is, can we progress again next season to be serious play off candidates? As long as we beat Counteh at home, personally, I’ll be glad when the season is over, so we can have a bit of a break, refreshed and optimistic ready for August.

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DelboyStag believes achieving promotion on the current budget is a tough ask for Adam Murray.

He said: it can be done without the mega bucks approach. However it makes it a darn sight harder.

If we look at the current top 7 in the League table. Cobblers have spent so much they very nearly went out of business, paying ridiculously high wages for L2.

Oxford, Plymouth & Bristol Rovers are all getting crowds big enough to pay those higher wages, as are Pompey. Orient are still paying L1 wages to some of their players. (I’m told 2 of them are on £7,000 a week!) Even Ollie Palmer is on more than ANY of ours!!!)

“That leaves Accrington, who I believe have a very wealthy American backer and they’re capable of handing out 2 year contracts, something totally alien to us.

“Like I say, yes it can be done on a shoe string, but it’s not the norm. All we can realistically hope for, is that Adam can do a ‘Dave Smith’ & assemble a squad of Players, like he did, that took us to the old Second Division.... Possible, but a very, very tall order.”

Treadmill2 added: “If we need money to get better players and our Chairman cannot reach these heights because he is our money man, does this mean we will always be in this league.”

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