YOUR SAY: Hospital parking charges for disabled drivers

The issue of disabled drivers being charged to park at hospitals in Mansfield and Ashfield has certainly got a lot of you talking this week.

Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 6:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:17 am
King's Mill Hospital car park

On Tuesday, we revealed how hospital bosses had defended their policy after complaints about charging disabled people to park.

And you've all had a lot to say on the matter.

Commenting on Facebook, Michael Revill said: "The charges are a scandal, a tax on the unfortunate sick and disabled. Pensioners are the most vulnerable."

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And Julie Hyatt added: "The prices should be cut anyway absolutely ridiculous, and a big fat NO to charging disabled."

But lots of you felt it was only fair that disabled drivers paid for their parking.

Rosemary Racey commented: "Why shouldn't they? And why should the spaces be closer? Many people who come to hospital are challenged in some way and probably have mobility issues."

And Toni Scutt said: "Yes they get same treatment as anyone else why shouldn't they pay."

The issue of having to pay at all for hospital parking, seemed to unite most people, however with many saying it should be free for all.

Michelle Morrell said: "Personally I don't think you should have to pay to park in hospital car parks."

Beverley Green agreed, saying: "Hospital parking should be free to everyone."

And Claire Jessop added: "No one should pay!!! My mum was dying in intensive care in 2015 and I paid £112 over a 17 week period to see her! Disgusting."