Your generosity helps Chad buy dog 287

A Guide Dog
A Guide Dog

YOU have done it!

Thanks to Chad readers and supporters and friends of our charity appeal for the Guide Dogs for the Blind, we have now reached our target for dog number 287.

The fund has for more than 40 years been the focus of readers’ generosity in helping visually impaired people become more independent.

Donations have helped the fund provide the cash to train 286 guide dogs. And now it is time to celebrate this great community achievement and welcome dog number 287 to the hall of fame. Stalwarts who have helped us to reach the magical milestone are ‘Bertie Bassett’ and his friend ‘E.C.’ who between them have collected more than £1,400 for the fund - including their latest ‘sweet’ contribution of £69.16.

Other friends and supporters joining in the celebrations this week, include:

£10 ‘birthday memories of Ivy Fairburn, a special Mum and Nan. Loved and remembered always’ from Ruth, Royce and Peter.

A total £30 in memory of Mr Alan Betts. This included £20 ‘birthday memories 1st October of Alan Betts. Time passes and memories stay. Loved and remembered always’ from loving wife Marjorie, and £10 ‘birthday memories 1st October of Alan Betts. Thinking of you. Love from Jessie, Rita, Wesley and Phillip. There was also another double family donation of £30, including £20 “in memory 6th October of my dear husband, Alan Betts. Your presence I miss. Your love I treasure. In my heart you will live forever” from your loving wife Marjorie xx, and £10 “in memory of Alan Betts, 6th October. Always in our throughts with love from Jessie, Rita, Wesley and Phillip’.

£45 from Mrs Crome, of Pleasley, ‘in loving memory of Karl Witts, a dear friend and neighbour’.

£30 in loving memory of Mr and Mrs D. Harvey, of Sutton.

£75 ‘in lieu of floral tributes from family and friends in loving memory of Mrs Doreen Anne Flint’.

The donations mean we already have £120.59 towards our next dog, number 288.

Making a contribution towards the £2,500 target for our next dog could not be easier as cash donations can be left at Chad’s main reception office at Newgate Lane, Mansfield, or sent by post (cheques/ postal orders only please made out to Chad’s Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund) and sent to: The Editor, Chad, 121 Newgate Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2PA. If you have any queries regarding donations to Chad’s long-standing fund, please contact Mansfield 456789.