Your Dog, Your Responsibility campaign launched by Mansfield District Council

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Mansfield District Council is reminding dog owners across Mansfield District of their responsibilities when it comes to looking after the family pooch.

A new campaign called Your Dog, Your Responsibility has been launched and gives dog owners information on issues such as dog fouling, micro-chipping, excessive barking, neutering and control.

Members of the Council’s environmental health and neighbourhood warden services will be attending the Oak Tree Fun Day on 14th August to hand out dog goodie bags and talk about the importance of being a responsible owner.

In September local schools will be invited to take part in a competition to name the campaign’s mascot and design a poster which will be used as part of the promotion.

Coun Mick Barton, portfolio holder for the public protection at Mansfield District Council, said: “Every dog owner has a responsibility to ensure that their pet does not cause a nuisance to others. This means that as the owner you must comply with certain laws, most of these are straight forward and are there to ensure that people and dogs can live happily and safely in the community.”

In November 2012 the Council strengthened its powers to deal with irresponsible dog owners.

Fixed penalty notices issued to dog owners who fail to remove dog mess on public land were increased from £50 to £75 - bringing it in line with other fines already in place for offences such as littering and graffiti.

A new penalty of £75 was also introduced for failing to put a dog on a lead and keep it on a lead when told to do so by an authorised officer.

Owners would be required to put their dog on a lead only if it was behaving in an unsuitable way or was not under control.

It is now also an offence to allow dogs to enter children’s play areas and sports arenas which are enclosed with a boundary fence or similar.

There are currently fenced play areas and sports facilities including bowling greens and tennis courts in 33 locations across the District where these orders will apply.

Cases which go to court can incur penalties of up to £1,000.

New no fouling signage is currently being placed across the District and stickers are being placed on all bins within the parks, which state the bagged dog waste can be put in the general waste bins.

Council officers are available to visit schools or community groups within the Mansfield District to talk about the Your Dog, Your Responsibility campaign.

For more information please call 01623 463 011 / 463 391.